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What is diaper need?

What is the fallout of diaper need?

Baby's Hand


When families struggle to afford diapers, they report re-using soiled diapers or keeping a baby in a dirty diaper too long. This can lead to persistent diaper rash, UTIs, and staph infections, as well as the associated medical costs.

Raising a Newborn

Well-being of the family

When families struggle to afford diapers, they must decide between buying diapers or other basic needs like food and rent.

Happy Mother with her Child

Mental and Emotional

Parents experiencing diaper need say they feel stressed or anxious about their responsibilities as a parent, and that they feel judged negatively because they could not afford diapers.

Family Time

Food Insecurity

28% of parents who report experiencing diaper need say that they skip their own meals in order to afford diapers.

Working from Home


Without a supply of clean diapers, families can't send their babies to daycare. Without daycare, families can't go to work or school.

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Without clean diapers, babies are not able to participate in early childhood education and social opportunities.

Diaper need affects Georgia families.

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